Jesus The Real Vine Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group was founded in 1988 based on the Scripture verse John 15:5 :

" I am the Vine, and you are the branches. Those who remain in me and I in them, will bear  much fruit, for you can do nothing without me"


Jesus the Real Vine prayer group is the official English prayer group of Sacred Heart Church, (SVD) Andheri East. With Fr. Innocent (SVD) as the Spiritual Director, Mr. Derick Fernandes -  Leader and Spiritual Counselor - Jesus the Real Vine Prayer Group. The prayer group functions under the directives of the Bombay Service team - Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Initially, the prayer meetings were held in Holy Spirit Hospital. The prayer group grew in numbers and the venue was moved to Canossa Convent, Undercroft in the year 1998. We are ever grateful to the support rendered to us by the Holy Spirit Hospital Management and Sisters of Canossa Convent.

The prayer group meets every Wednesday at 06.00 pm, beginning with counseling at 04.00 pm, Rosary at 05.30 pm, Praise and Worship, Word of God and healing service from 06.00 pm onwards.

The strong intercessory ministry conducted from Monday to Friday is the backbone of the prayer group. The prayer group is known for its youthful evangelical music ministry and an active service ministry.

The ministry conducts inner healing and growth retreats, recollection, Life in the Spirit seminar, Lenten and Advent Mission in various parishes of Mumbai, India and world around. The ministry specially conducts confirmation retreats and recollection for youth and school children.

Our Vision : To make of all men, disciples for Christ.
Our Mission : To reach out and touch the lives of young people and give them a sure foundation based on the teachings of Christ.


Our theme Song

Jesus is the Real Vine

Listen to the audio:

Jesus is the Real Vine
And we will remain
United forever in His love
As branches of the Real Vine
We will bear much fruit
God's glory to proclaim

Verse 1
He prunes the branches that bear fruit
So that they can bear even more
But the one that bears no fruit at all
Into the fire He'll throw, Oh, Oh…..

Verse 2
Jesus calls each one of us to be branches
Blooming like we never have before
In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
Into a mighty Vine
We'll grow Oh Oh….

Jesus is the Real Vine, Jesus is the Real Vine,
Jesus is the Real Vine
Jesus is the Real Vine, Jesus is the Real Vine,
Jesus is the Real Vine


Derick Fernandes - Leader and Spiritual Counselor of the Prayer Group

Derick Fernandes was like an atheist, called by God in 1990 to minister to the people of Mumbai. Derick gained a lot of name and fame in the sports field not only in Mumbai but also in Muscat. He was employed with a local bank in Muscat for 10 years when the Lord revealed himself, like he did to St. Paul and asked him to give his entire life to serve God and His people. A family man having two sons Sheldon and Johann and his wife Veronica, gave up his fame and high profile career in the bank, knowing and trusting that he would be serving Jehovah Jireh, the God who would meet all his needs. He returned to Mumbai and joined Jesus the Real Vine Prayer Group in 1990 and since then the prayer group has grown from 25 people to 2500 people. Derick has been the leader of this prayer group from January 1999 to January 2004. He is now incharge of the outreach ministry and conduct retreats for school children, outreaches, Life in the Spirit seminars, recollections, lenten and advent mission in various parishes. Derick is assisted by the leader, the core team, a vibrant music ministry, energetic service ministry and a very strong and faithful intercessory ministry. Derick has also been the Chairman of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Mumbai for the period 2010 - 2013.

Core team members of JTRV

  • Nixon Daniel
  • Shirley D'Souza
  • Veronica Fernandes

Belinda Menezes (Ex-Leader 2008 - 2014)

A working lady, who has surrendered her entire life to God and to work for His Kingdom. At the age of 15 her parents forced her to attend prayer meetings which she disliked. Her dad insisted and so she continued with a heavy heart. It was 3 years later, at the 1990 Cairos Utsav that she realized and was convinced that only God can be her everything, only God can heal her brokenness, only in God can she find security, only in God there is forgiveness and redemption. This brought about a complete transformation in her life and since then there was no turning back. She has been serving the Lord in the Music Ministry of Jesus the Real Vine Prayer Group. She owes her entire life to the Lord for His kindness and mercy. Through ups and downs, trials and temptations she took a stand for God, and God in His goodness has blessed her abundantly. Belinda is in charge of Jesus the Real Vine Music Ministry and the Youth Cell.

Alex D’Souza (Ex-Core Team)

A music teacher by profession. Has been with the group since 2002. Alex is excellent at the keyboard and has offered his talent in the music ministry of the prayer group. Through all the turmoil’s of life he has come out victorious in the Lord and is now committed to the Lord and the works for the Lord.

Connie Pinto (Ex-Core Team)

A school teacher by profession, Connie has been with the group since 1996. A teacher who is truly talented and has offered her talent in service of God. Connie is very creative and plans the backdrop based on the teachings of every Wednesday. Her zeal to know the Lord and offer him everything has helped her to change her life and give her life in total surrender to the Lord.