8th, 9th and 10th Grade Students – St. Joseph’s School, Kandivali , Mumbai, 05th and 06th July, 2014

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Dear Bro. Derick and team,

Thank You for conducting the Retreat  for the students of St. Joseph's High School.

May the Good Lord shower His choicest Blessings on you and your team. I have attached some of the testimonies of our students.

Thank You very much once again.


Sr. Serena Gonsalves




I lost my father in the month of March this year. After that I was very depressed. During the healing session of the Retreat, I was told to release the soul of my father to God. I did so, and was healed.

- Vanessa Barnes

The Retreat was an eye opener for me. It helped me to repent for my sins. Through the repentance session, I was made aware of my sins. It made me realize how much I had disturbed my elders and teachers. I felt guilty and asked the Lord to forgive me. I wish I could attend such a Retreat every year.

- Jenitan Nadar

I had a very good and spiritual retreat. The one thing I liked the most is about repentance and forgiveness. I liked the praise and worship session the most and especially the music. I loved the testimony and the values given to us by the preachers. I had a great experience during the inner healing session, I came to know how much God loves me. I thank each and every preacher for this retreat. Thank you.

- James D’souza

Before this Retreat, I used to be a very shy and lonely person. I never used to share my feelings with anyone. However, this Retreat touched my soul and I started sharing all my feelings with my dad. All my joys and sorrows are now being shared with him. In fact, this has changed my life a lot.

- Saachi Belekar

The Retreat touched my heart by imbibing some values in me. It taught me the importance of God’s love in detail. It made me understand that giving is the highest love. It made an impact on my life, which would lead me to success. It also made me understand that God’s love is very precious and important than any other’s love. It also made me understand how to deal with stress. It also made me understand to avoid some things in life. It also made me understand the real meaning of PROBLEM. It made a great impact on my life to improve myself and lead me to the path of success.

- Priti Desai

The retreat made me think about God. As the normal day began I had no time for prayer. I didn’t try to avoid prayer but I couldn’t have time for God. But after this retreat I acknowledged the importance of God and prayer. Now I’ll try and forcefully break my schedule to pray. It also made me think that do not make bad use of media. Media is not bad but some people made media bad. This retreat was a life changing movement for me. It has healed me mentally and spiritually. May the Holy Lord to shower his blessings on us.

- Mohanish .R. Kamble

My experience for this Retreat was excited awesome. It was so much fun and full of excitement. The most I liked was the inner healing session. What I learned was to forget the past and move on with life.   The action songs and hyms were amazing; we could feel the presence of God. I felt blessed to be there and thank the school for giving us the opportunity to attend this Retreat. I will treasure these memories I had in these two days.

- Patricia Fernandes

After attending the two day Retreat many things in my life have changed. Being a Catholic. I have started praying personal prayer and interacting with God. I informed my family and they were so      eager to hear what all happen. This retreat has touched my life and I will try and be a better person in life with the help of God. Thanks a lot for conducting this retreat.

- Leean Alphanso

Thank you very much once again.

  • Sister. Fatima Fernandes.
  • Miss.  Serena Gonsalves.

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