2 Day Retreat – SSC Students – Mary Immaculate Girls School, Borivali

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Excitement of the weekend was drowned with the announcement of the orientation programme held on 22nd and 23rd of June’13. Frowned faces entered school all hackneyed of being called out of compulsion on a Saturday morning. Disappointment was reflected on our faces as we were not permitted to be seated with our friends. The programme began with an action song which indeed was a good start. Enthusiasm was at fever pitch as the students sang and danced with their mellifluous voices to the glory of the Lord.

“Well begun is half done”, so after the terrific action song there came a smile on our frowned faces as we enjoyed a lot. We then made ourselves comfortable for the next session.

In the next session the testimonies by Brother Derrick inspired us to become good children of God. The members of the prayer group, Titus Menezes, Anastasia Rebello, Belinda Menezes and others spoke about how with God’s help one can overcome the trials and tribulations that come their way. First day’s programme came to an end with a prayer song sung with melodious voices of students reverberating in the hall.

The wonderful Saturday’s experience in the presence of the Lord aroused hope and excitement in each and everyone’s mind to assemble on a lazy Sunday morning which turned out to be lively as the programme began with an action song. We then proceeded towards most awaited inner healing session. The inner healing session brought a drastic change in every individual’s life who were the part of the session. The mighty power of the Lord vanished all the grudges and fights amongst us and brought us together in unity.

Father Daniel celebrated the Eucharist and involved us in interaction with God and strengthened our relationship with Him. The concluding action song left the school hall vibrant.

All in all it was a marvellous day with no untoward incident, this programme drove home the message that Jesus is the Real Vine and that in His mercy nothing is impossible.

Jenell Mathias

Chelsea Fernandes

Aanandi Lalla.



My life is in you Lord,

My strength is in you, Lord

My hope is in you, Lord

Is in you, Is in you….

Began the seminar, who knew that day would have inculcated so very much into us. Bro. Derrick stepped on stage. We wondered for an instance whether our Saturday morning was going to be a little boring. It was not only on Saturday but Sunday too. All that was expected by us was a long session of just talks.

But that proved us all wrong. As the programme began, there were hymns sung, there was a short prayer recited and that made all of us closer to God. Bro. Derrick gave us inspiring examples of His life and others also. That is where we understood that our life will change its course and we will have to face difficulties but at the end we will gain success with the help of God.

His companions gave us a healing session and inculcated morality of repentance, respect for yourself, discipline and love for God. We sang songs giving praise to God. We understood the value of nature. To get a small break, his companions cracked jokes, made us dance and shout God’s name. They make us more confident about our goals.

The next day was even more nice we went with a smiling face because the previous day released us from the stress of studies. We had an infilling session where we were filled with Holy Spirit. At the end of this session, there were tears in every one’s eyes. This was a sign of repentance for our sins we committed against our family and friends. We asked forgiveness from each other. After that we heard a mass and ended the day singing and dancing. “It is better to thank than to curse, it is better to show kindness than to take revenge, for what you do the Lord will do to you.” And we thank Sister Principal for organizing this session and Bro. Derrick and his team for spending his precious time with us and making the day a memorable one.

Ritika V. Soni.

Srushti Salunke.

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